I    N    F    O

Stylow is a London based 27-year-old freelance Visual Artist, Motion graphic Designer and Director.

He worked on the creation of various UI designs for a number of blockbuster film's, most notably Ghost in the shell 2017, ReadyPlayerOne 2018 and TV series Electric Dreams.

In his career he's worked in a lot of different roles, from directing music videos, vj visuals, print design, ui design and creating Main title designs for studios and brands like: Blind ltd, Gmunk Inc, Nike, Terrritory, Netflix, Toyota and more.

The desire to discover how Films and vfx were made at an early age led him to create a very successful 'everydays’ 365 project that was featured by Instagram, Motionographer and

He believes that getting out your comfort zone and dabbling in other creative media will refine his signature.