I    N    F    O

Stylow (Anthony De Coninck) is a Belgian self-taught 25-year-old freelance Motion graphic, Concept Artist with a background in photography and film. Currently living in the United Kingdom (LONDON) 

Being extremely fascinated by Film, Motion Graphics & Visual Effects he pursued a career at the early age of 17.
Working on a lot of varying roles from directing and shooting music videos to vj visuals, print designer, ui designer, Main title designer for studios and brands like: Territory Studio, Mill studio, Toyota, Citroen, Netflix, Nike, and more.

He later gained most of his recognition in 2015 for his 365 project that got featured by motionographer, and Tumblr. (Creating one CGI image every single day to get familiar with the 3d workflow) Following up with creating concepts and user interfaces at Territory studio's for Feature Films like Ghost in the shell 2017, Ready player one 2018, Electric Dreams (Episode)

His drive keeps on flowing by learning new techniques and craft in order to fulfill his creative visions and abilities, He believes that getting out your comfort zone and dabbling in other creative media will refine his signature.