Andre beato a great artist specialized in typography, visual identities reached out to me to work on an image for a Nike Art installation.

We came up with the idea inspired by one of my 365 project images of having one of their most iconic shoes the Nike Air Force One lit up in bright neon and being connected to the globe aka the wires that feed the neon tubes.

Andre drew out a nice graphic for the shoe, there were many iterations to get the right proportions going in 3d and 2d with the perspective and distortion of the digital camera.

This then was to be later made as an installation in stores where only at one point you would see the shoe perfectly.


FULLY CHARGED | Ready for Action

made by Stylow for Nike 07.jpg
made by Stylow for Nike 03.jpg
made by Stylow for Nike 04.jpg
made by Stylow for Nike 05.jpg